About us

Hello and welcome to my blog.


I have always been one to enjoy the thought of a blog but never actually done anything with it. I recently had a youtube channel that was all about dogs and has been doing really well nearly at 2000 subscribers however I soon realised this is not what I want to vlog about anymore, and in-fact what I really want to talk about it family life and everything else.


I am Chloe and I am 27 years old and welcome to my blog. I have a little girl called India who is currently just over 6 months old.


What you can expect to see in these blogs is defiantly links to my youtube channel (I always like to see things in a video format hence the youtube channel), chatting about my autism – I got diagnosed 1 year and half ago, babies and family life. Also reviews!


I recently bought the most amazing microphone as well so I am hoping to start a family podcast with my husband Dan and hopefully in the future talking to other mums. So watch out for that coming on iTunes.


I really want to upload to here twice a week as I think that is a good amount and twice a week on my youtube channel. I am committed to uploading very Wednesday to my youtube channel but an extra one is always a bonus.


Any way please stick and around and subscribe, also it would be great to get to know you so if you feel like you want to leave a comment below.


Thanks for stopping by


Chloe x