Baby teething toy – Yummikeys review

I recently bought some yummikeys for my little India.

I was so excited for these amazing toys to arrive in the post. I first saw them on “Mrs Meldrum” youtube channel and loved them from that day. Then recently I decided to take the plunge and buy some for India. If you don’t want to read my blog post I understand you can always watch my review of them on my youtube channel here: (Don’t forget to subscribe!)

These keys are great for babies from 6 months of age to chew on. As we all know babies get to a certain age and they start to want to explore EVERYTHING, this could mean car keys, house keys and so on. A baby chewing on your house keys could be a problem because they contain harmful chemicals. Yummikeys also do some teething toys for babies younger than 6 months.

If you have a look on yummikeys website they tell you all about these amazing toys, what they have been tested for and why they are so good, but I wanted to tell you what I think.

The toy came in a beautifully displayed box and came with a travel bag to keep the toy in which is a bonus. They also come with care instructions on how to look after them and how to clean them once they have been in your babies mouth and then dropped on the floor into mud which has happened to all of our babies toys by now!

All the teething toys made by yummiykeys are stainless steel and on their website there are some that are suitable for babies and some that are suitable for babies 6 months+. I bought the ones that are 6months+. I instantly gave them to India and I was so excited to see what she made of them. Straight away she put them in her mouth and had a good chew. India also loved to jangle them and make some sounds with them. I admit India should have gone down for a nap by this point but we were 20 minutes into playing with the toy and she just was so happy and content and loved them.

These defiantly were a big hit with her.

The other great thing about the teething toy is that they are so light you can put them in your changing bag as a toy keep your child/baby occupied and they won’t add any weight at all to your bag which for me is a plus point, because I sometimes find myself going somewhere that India might get bored and I need toys in my bag that are light and entertaining.

These are constantly in my chaining bag and my go to toy if we have a bored baby on our hands. I would recommend these to any mum as they are great addition to our toy collection.

I also got contacted the owner of yummikeys and I was given a discount code for my friends/readers and youtube watchers. The discount code gets you 20% off and the code is “FRIENDS”.

If you decide to buy them and love them please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time

Chloe x


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