Enjoying Chatsworth Horse Trials

We go to Chatsworth Horse Trials every year

Dan and I are gold members and love it. To be a gold member you pay a yearly fee of £180 and you get tickets for the horse trials and country fair, you also get free admission into the house, gardens and farmyard. For me this is a no brainer we get so much out of going to Chatsworth and it is my happy place. I have been there since I was a child and its my big treat!

The horse trials is such a significant day for Dan and I. 10 years ago, this year I invited Dan to the horse trials after only having just met him and this is where we became a couple and funnily enough this is the year we had India with us so what a year for it all to happen! We were able to get to the horse trials on Saturday and spend it with my sister and her husband and daughter and my parents. It was so sunny and warm and we had a fab day out. I think India enjoyed seeing the horses, as soon as we pointed out each horse she would look for it and follow it intently and watch it go over the jump. Occasionally she would make a sound and flap her arms and legs. I just hope in the future she doesn’t come to me asking for a horse.

Saturday is the day where they have the novice horses going round the cross country course we saw a couple of falls and some riders get wet but luckily no one go too hurt. There are a few stands there on both days as well which is always fun to look at and walk round however if you want a shopping experience the country fair is the one to go to for this. We also went on the Sunday which was a bonus and we got to see the top riders complete their course and see how they managed the horses to go round the course with a clear. Watching the horses fly over jumps nearly as big as you and the width of your arm span is incredible and so scary at the same time. Each time one would go over with a clank my mum and I would look at each other with a scared look on our faces both thinking the same thing.

The show jumping is also really interesting and scary to see. Those jumps are so big and I just don’t understand how they have the courage and nerve to jump them so high. I could watch it all day, as long as the weather is nice!

India was a bit more hard work on the Sunday and were not quite sure why, but as my sister said you can’t have two good days! Firstly India decided that she didn’t want to sleep at her lunch time nap and would rather be awake, and then she decided that this would be the weekend that she would start to bite me during a feed. As you can imagine this made us both very upset and it was my first time dealing with something like this.

Anyway I look back at this weekend with such joy we had such fun and had amazing weather. We all got a little sunburn except for my mum and all maybe had too much tea except for Dan (he doesn’t drink tea!).

I hope you stick around for more blogs.

Chloe and the gang x



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