Just the three of us – new parents

So I have a new goal, that one of my posts will be a monthly just the three of us post. So once a month you will see a post similar to this one and will just be about the three of us. This will encourage me to take photos of us three and see how much we have changed and grown. In the early days we were so baffled by the fact we now have this little cutie baby to care for that we didn’t think about always taking photos. I take a lot more photos these days of just India sometimes with me in them but I have come to realise because Dan is at work all day it can be difficult to get those special moments. So my plan is throughout the weeks of the month I will take family photos and then hopefully they will be good enough to upload to a blog post once a month.

These posts will specifically come under “just the three of us” obviously hopefully in the future we will have more children but I want this section to be focused on us as a family and how we have found it and how we find it growing as a family. Also memories from days out or little trips etc.

I hope you enjoy this section. Let me know what you think in the comment section and lets get on with it.

So becoming a family of three hasn’t been too difficult. In the early days I did find it hard, it wasn’t the lack of sleep it was the lack of normality. I loved my life before India, Dan and I used to take these chilled out dog walks on a windy fresh day into the park with our two amazing, beautiful dogs and we used to have a good chin wag about our days and our future. We used to be so relaxed by the time we came home we would have tea sit down on the sofa and that would be us done for the night. In the first few weeks that all stopped. There were no more dog walks because I was in so much pain from my episiotomy, and because I was trying to figure out the world of motherhood. I loved having a baby and it was all I ever wanted but just like any new mum this was a complete new thing for me. However I would not change any of this for the world and love our family of three.

India has always been such a good baby I have always said that she came out reading the manual. I know a lot of people say babies don’t come with manuals but I’m sure India did. India fed every 3-4hours and slept really well. I must admit though breastfeeding was the hardest part but I am proud to say I am still breastfeeding her to this day. I always knew from the beginning I wanted to follow a routine but in the first month of her life we didn’t bother because we were still getting used to her and she was getting used to life and the world. More on our routine and breastfeeding in another post!

Dan is such an amazing Dad and I love watching him being the father to our little girl.  I love the way he makes her laugh when all she wants to do is cry, I love it how now when Dan comes home and India realises Dan is home her little legs starting to kick against my side whilst I’m holding onto her on my hip. India loves her Daddy, I wouldn’t say she is a Daddy’s girl because at this stage I don’t think she is she loves us both just the same amount and responds to us both really well.


Chloe, Dan and India x


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