Baby life – purees Annabel Karmel.

I’m just a mum trying to muddle through the weaning and it is a mind-field and then add in teething you are well and truly screwed!

We started weaning India 2 weeks before her 6 month birthday as approved by a health visitor. I knew from day one I would be doing Annabel Karmel weaning, I had seen it on a YouTube video and straight away knew that is what I wanted to do. I also wanted to add in a bit of baby led into the mix as well. I think when it comes to weaning every parent should be respectful of how we want to wean our children. Let’s not forget each baby is different some babies are going to respond well to purée and some aren’t. Also let’s face it why be rude about the way someone wants to wean their baby if you don’t want them being rude back to you about the way you wean your baby! Basically what I’m trying to say is each to their own!

India has taken weaning so well. I love the Anabel Karmel book. It gives some great advice, some useful tips and tricks and lots of information. Something I love is that it gives you a meal plan for different weeks of weaning and different stages! I have found that by following a meal plan means that India is getting the variety of that she needs to develop her taste buds and different textures in her mouth.

Something else I discovered whilst in the throws of weaning is how important it is to get iron into your baby when they turn 6 months old. Babies have enough iron in their body until around 6 months of age, by which point you need to introduce iron in their diet so they can have good brain development and don’t develop an iron deficiency. Amazingly there is a lot of food you can give your baby to give them extra iron: Spinach, broccoli, lentils, beans, eggs, squash, sweet potato.

Something that I find hard about weaning is that when your baby is weaning and teething all at the same time it can be mayhem. Something that sticks in my mind is something my dad said to me “don’t let food be a battle”. I am so determined to make him proud and make him proud that my daughter loves to eat food. When India is in a good mood and is ready to eat, food is her best friend. However for the last couple of days she has refused food and that is scary when you are weaning. I soon came to realise that is could quite possibly be because of her teeth. Over the weekend we realised our baby girl has six teeth coming through. At first we knew it was her top two teeth and then it was the ones at the side of those two and then we noticed an extra bottom two coming through. Oh my word this girl is going through some pain.

This morning however we got up and had breakfast she point blank refused the breakfast i had lovingly made her and then all of sudden took a small little taste on the end of her spoon and proceeded to eat it. I was amazed she cam back for more! My baby girl was back to her old self of “I want the food” and “you are not shovelling it in fast enough!”

I defiantly recommend the Annabel Karmel weaning book and I recommend all of her recipes. I have recently bought a new blender so I will be reviewing that over the next few days as for me at the moment it is a game changer!

So to all those mamas out there who are trying weaning for the first time or you are trying your hardest for you baby to eat you can do this, yes it is hard and confusing but when they get it right you can do a little dance inside.

Until another post

Chloe x


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